4 Marketing Steps To Sell Your Ebook

by Fran Piggott  - April 12, 2009

Your ebook is written and ready to be downloaded. Then you ask, what now? The next and perhaps one of the most important steps that follows is marketing your ebook effectively. The better your marketing strategy, the more sales you are likely to have.

Step 1. Prepare a Convincing Sales Letter

A good ebook should be marketed with an equally good and compelling sales letter. It would be an utter waste of your time and effort if your ebook fails to take off despite its high quality, simply because of a poorly worded sales letter.

Learning from other sales letters is the best way to make a convincing one yourself. If you’ve had the experience of buying a book online, you can perhaps recall what particular points in the sales pitch persuaded you to make that purchase. Then use these same arguments to come up with your own sales letter.

Step 2. Offer a Free Sample

There is nothing people like more than getting something for free! However, you don’t want to just give something away without having some marketing tricks up your sleeve. A great tactic is to give away a free sample chapter of your ebook (that contains very valuable information) and cut it off at a key point. You can think of this as being a cliffhanger like you’d see on TV.

With this strategy, you will be creating a win-win situation. You win because you would have gotten their names and email, which is required for them to get their free chapter. At the same time, they win because they a free chapter of your ebook, and will perhaps be convinced to get the whole ebook.

Tip #3: Create Scarcity

With the myriad of things that need to be done day in and day out, most customers would put off buying an ebook over more pressing tasks. In the end, some of them may never get to follow through on that plan.

A good strategy around this would be to create a sort of scarcity, making sure to mention this in your sales letter. You could just be releasing a few copies, publishing it for a limited time, or on the brink of a price increase. However way you put it; this could definitely get some prospective buyers to act faster.

Tip 4. Be an Expert in Your Chosen Field

It is no secret that if people want to know more about a certain topic or want to find a solution to a specific problem, they would go to an authority in that field. Create a blog, join discussion groups, and look for online communities that are exclusive to this field. By building up your expertise and your name in that area, people would look up to you and see in you a credible author.

Once you’ve established your expertise in your area, people will trust you enough to purchase your ebook, ringing in steady sales.

These are the four important tips to keep in mind when establishing an effective marketing strategy. Success will not come overnight but when it does, it will make every ounce of your effort worthwhile.

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