5 Tips to Make Your Press Release Brilliant

by Fran Piggott  - October 28, 2008

by Theo McLanahan


If you want to get publicity for your business via the media, press releases are an excellent way to do it. Here are 5 ways to boost the appeal of your press release.


Correct Format: There is a format that press releases need to follow. Make sure yours is written in the correct format, as you will want it to look as professional as possible. It is also a good idea to double-check the grammar, punctuation and spelling before you send it in for submission.


Keep it clear and to-the-point. Your press release shouldn’t be any longer than two pages. Media outlets receive a lot of releases and they won’t take the time to read a long report. Keeping it clear and concise will let you fit in your important facts without going beyond two pages. And remember to answer the important questions – who, what, why, where, when and how.


What’s in it for the reader? Make sure you include a call to action in your press release. Put something in it that’s going to inspire the reader to go to your event, visit your website, etc. If you write a blatant ad, it’s going to be obvious and it won’t get picked up by anyone. Include the features and benefits of what you’re promoting, and tell your target market what’s in it for them.


For example, if you were promoting a new food processor, you need to go beyond just saying it’s smaller and takes up less space than other models. You need to state that the smaller size gives the customer the full power of a larger model, while helping them to save precious counter space in their kitchen.


Make it interesting. If your press release is boring, nobody is going to read past the first couple of lines. Try to find the line between simple facts and excitement. Back to the food processor example, instead of just saying “our new food processor will be available in the spring” try something like “our new space-saving food processor will be available this spring, just in time to help you chop the fresh vegetables you’re growing for your summer salads.”


Remember Your Target Market: As you write and submit your press releases, keep your target market in mind at all times. By keeping your audience in mind, you will be able to focus on what information to include and where to submit your press releases. For instance, if you are promoting an event related to children’s health, submitting a press release to the travel editor of your local paper isn’t going to help you.


The media won’t run a story on every single press release they receive, but if you follow these steps it’s going to put you above a large percentage of the other releases coming across their desk.


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