What Makes Me Unique

Some of you are probably wondering why you ever went into business or left the security of your corporate world.

Yes … it's a lonely world out there when you’re on your own, expected to achieve sales targets all the time. 

Whether you need to add something new to your products, or you straight up find marketing too overwhelming, you're in the right place.

Since you're here right now, something tells me that you're full of an entrepreneurial spirit and have a positive mindset with very good ideas.

But maybe you ...

  • have no clue how to turn your ideas into products or how to market them.
  • need help growing your sales profitably with sustainability ... with less effort.
  • are not the supplier of choice in your industry.
  • have all your eggs in one basket making you too vulnerable.

No matter where you are in your business journey, you want your business to give you ...

  • financial security for you and your family.
  • more time to live the lifestyle you choose.
  • freedom from continual stress.

But you don't know how to make this a reality. In your corporate career, you were surrounded by experts in their field, now you have to be the expert in all these fields ... especially marketing and selling!

Sometimes all you need is someone who is unattached and has a neutral perspective to shine a light on what’s possible.

Just because it’s where you are now, does not mean it’s where you are stuck.

When you have a proven master-marketing-blueprint from this Marketing Guru to work from, you'll be given focus and direction to succeed.

What My Clients Say

Emma Dunk

Fran truly is the Marketing Guru and has a wealth of knowledge in this field. Fran presented an excellent talk on Marketing at KZN Women in Business and feedback received from attendees was extrememly positive, with members able to take valuable information learned and implement simple, yet effective steps/strategies into their own businesses immediately.

Emma Dunk - Chairperson, KZN Women In Business

Adele Benvie

All of us believe that we are doing the best we can in our businesses, and I believe that is true.  If you were like me, I had great marketing ideas that I wanted to implement, but kept feeling like I needed one plan that all of these ideas could work off and thus they would work together toward one aim.  

The Marketing Course gave me what I needed to build a constructive Marketing Plan with all of the relevant action plans behind each objective, i.e. one central place for the great marketing ideas, along with others suggested by Fran during the course, with action plans behind them.  It gave me the confidence to identify exactly what we do and get rid of things that were draining the business resources.  Additionally, it gave me the clarity on my ideal target market and thus the confidence to focus on these potential clients.

Adele Benvie - Owner, The Success Company

Fran is indeed the marketing guru she claims to be. I have received the benefit of her advice and have also participated in her online marketing course. Fran has extensive and in depth knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work in marketing, gained from years of experience. When she gives advice it is not academic theory, she has tested the idea and assessed it in the marketplace. She has a talent for understanding the situation, assessing the needs and delivering a workable, straight forward solution.

Fran’s practical, incisive, no-nonsense, professional approach delivers understandable, workable and remarkably simple yet effective solutions.

Jonathan Payne - Motivational and Keynote Speaker

My Journey

Fran Piggott

My success as a business owner, marketing tactician and sales executive spans 49 years. I have founded 4 successful companies and have extensive experience in corporate new business development, selling and marketing.

Over the past 17 years, I've helped small-business owners reach new heights, or turn their companies into profitable, viable and financially sustainable assets. I have also had great success assisting marketing and sales teams and individuals to regularly achieve their targets by using my proven tools and techniques.

My portfolio over the years included all the elements related to marketing and selling, as well as product development and taking products to the marketplace (ie compiling marketing material and launching awareness campaigns).

During my corporate career, one of my primary responsibilities was to increase client bases. I consequently developed my own tools and techniques to achieve my sales targets consistently, and as easily as possible. My proven methods exceeded expectations and I was even asked by one of my employers not to bring any more customers on board as the company needed to consolidate the existing and new customer base.

I've also shared my techniques with business owners, managers, account executives and sales teams in South Africa, USA, Kenya and Tanzania.

I've studied Internet Marketing thoroughly as I strongly believe it must be part of any business owner's marketing arsenal to generate leads and sales. With help from numerous eminent internet marketing mentors, this has been a wonderful journey and incredible learning experience.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned in business is that if you give the right product to the right audience and create the right awareness, then you'll always meet sales targets.

In my training and coaching programs, I'll teach you the easiest and quickest ways to apply my proven techniques and strategies to help you consistently achieve your goals.

It is my passion to put as much of my knowledge and experience as possible to good use by sharing it with those who want to learn not only from my successes, but also from my mistakes.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping your business grow by applying proven marketing tactics that work.

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