Meet Fran Piggott

When Fran delves into the realm of marketing and selling, it's not just theory—it's forged through firsthand experience. Her insights are rooted in a career journey that spans decades, making her teachings a genuine source of practical wisdom.

Marketing Is Her Business

Fran is your dedicated partner in achieving your sales goals and unlocking the full potential of your business.

Thriving On Research

The pivotal factor that determines whether concepts remain abstract ideas or evolve into tangible realities. 

Experience = Success

Following proven processes  through easy, guided steps along the way is a recipe for success.

Here are a few things about Fran . . .

  • She started her selling and marketing career as a sales consultant with zero sales experience.
  • She moved up the corporate ladder to head new business development, before owning her own businesses.
  • She built one of her businesses from 0 to 34,000 members, administering client funds in excess of USD 3.2 million per year, over a period of 5 years.
  • Over the past 20 years, she's helped over 200 small-business owners reach new heights, or turn their companies into profitable, viable and financially sustainable assets. She has also had great success assisting marketing and sales teams and business owners to regularly achieve their sales targets and personal goals by using her proven tools and techniques.
  • She developed her own tools and techniques to achieve her goals consistently, and as easily and quickly as possible.
  • She's now sharing her knowledge, expertise and experience through online courses. Her marketing course has enrolled over 640 global students with a course rating of 4.47 out of 5 stars.

Fran's ultimate motivation lies in increasing sales with maximum efficiency and profitability. Her approach centres on achieving substantial rewards with minimal effort, a principle born from her extensive experience.
While tips, tactics and information offer valuable insights, nothing compares to the depth of knowledge gained through practical experience.

Fran's Story . . .

With over two decades of experience in the realm of entrepreneurship, innovation and business development, Fran brings a wealth of expertise that uniquely positions her as the ideal solution provider for mastering idea validation. Her journey started with a fervent passion for transforming ideas into tangible successes, much like the challenges you're facing. Throughout her career, she has founded and nurtured four successful companies, gaining hands-on experience in every aspect of business growth, from ideation to market launch.

Fran Piggott
Fran Piggott

What sets her apart is her commitment to practicality and results. Through years of trial and error, she's developed battle-tested strategies and techniques that consistently deliver tangible outcomes. Her successes haven't just been propelled by financial gains, but by an unwavering belief in the power of well-validated ideas and a deep understanding of the pains entrepreneurs experience when navigating uncharted territory. Having immersed herself in internationally recognized marketing and selling courses, she's honed her approach to leverage both traditional and modern methods, ensuring a comprehensive toolkit to effectively guide idea validation.

But her expertise goes beyond personal accomplishments. She's had the privilege of guiding sales teams and business owners to surpass their targets, solidifying her understanding of the intricacies of the validation process. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of the field led her to delve into Internet Marketing, recognizing its crucial role in lead generation and sales. This journey, guided by esteemed mentors, has enriched her knowledge and enabled her to develop contemporary strategies that align with evolving market dynamics.

Her approach is straightforward and pragmatic, designed to provide you with actionable insights and methodologies. Whether you're a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned innovator, she's tailored her online training and resources to empower you to master the art of idea validation. Her goal is to equip you with the tools you need to confidently navigate the complex landscape of concept assessment, transforming your aspirations into impactful realities. Your journey to informed decision-making and successful ventures starts here, with a seasoned expert who is dedicated to seeing you thrive.

Here’s what people are saying about Fran

Fran is a truly remarkable individual – intellectually curious, an enormous capacity for very hard work whilst retaining a sense of fun and adventure and very successful entrepreneur. She has an engaging personality and she is somebody with whom I thoroughly enjoyed working.

Bruce Sheppy

Freelance Lecturer

Fran has extensive and in depth knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work in marketing, gained from years of experience. When she gives advice it is not academic theory, she has tested the idea and assessed it in the marketplace. She has a talent for understanding the situation, assessing the needs and delivering a workable, straight forward solution.

Fran is not only knowledgeable and generous in imparting her knowledge, she also inspires her clients to break through plateaux in their existing businesses by focusing on core issues that drive the business.

Ann Druce

Digital Marketing Strategist

Fran has the unique ability to grow business through her marketing and sales expertise and the demonstrated facility for matching ideas, people and resources together to developing business.

Robin Powles

Head of Chemistry Department
Fran Piggott

Now It's Your Turn . . .

Embracing a career in marketing and selling has enriched my life in ways beyond measure, not just financially, but in the fulfillment of a lifestyle shaped by dynamic interactions My journey has shown me that a successful career in marketing and selling isn't solely defined by degrees or conventional paths, but by an unquenchable thirst for learning, a dedication to growth and an unwavering passion for connecting with people to solve their problems.

This guiding philosophy has been the cornerstone of my career journey. Now, the moment has come to channel the wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise I've acquired toward empowering others.

Through the sharing of both my accomplishments and the invaluable insights gleaned from my own mistakes, my aim is to steer aspiring individuals on their entrepreneurial path. 

Your aspirations deserve to materialize and I'm excited to be part of your journey towards the outcomes you rightfully deserve.

Fran Piggott