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How To Easily Triple Your Number Of Clients Within 9 Months!

    Triple Customers

    Jay Abraham used an unusual approach to increasing clients for one of his consultancy clients … One particular client paid its sales staff 10% of the profit. So, if the company made a $1,000 profit on a sale, the sales person would receive $100 and the company would get $900. He made them calculate …What the average […]

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    Review: SpinToWin Reward Plugin

      5.0 Gamify Your Opt-ins and Skyrocket Your Conversions!It’s been a long time since I’ve become excited about a new way to showcase my products and services on my website. In my opinion, SpinToWinReward is the most interactive, fun, out-of-the-box and forward thinking plugin available to grow your email list and generate more sales by increasing […]

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      3 Steps to Effectively Increase Your Marketing Response

        Marketing Campaigns

        To become successful in business, it’s crucial to actively promote your business to gain new customers. Let’s face it… No promotion equals no new customers. It’s that simple! Your marketing campaigns should make the marketplace aware of your product or service and where they can get it. If you’ve ever spent money on advertising, you […]

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        Customer Service: Do You Give Your Potential A Client C Client Service?

          Bad Customer Service

          Customer service is one of the cardinal rules in promoting your business and retaining clients, always making them feel very special … that you really do care about them. So, what customer service is this? Last week, at a networking meeting, I decided to give a different travel agent a try. So I asked her […]

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          How Is Your Website REALLY Performing?

            Let’s go and check out your website performance, do yourself a favour and go to Then type in your URL (domain name) and see what your ranking is. Think of a book, when Google is 1 (page 1), YouTube is 2 (page 2), Facebook is 3 (page 3), Amazon is 11 (page 11), Twitter […]

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            Domains – Do You Own Your Online Presence?

              Domain Ownership

              Imagine typing in your website’s URL or domain name into your browser and you get an error message or your emails suddenly stop coming through …. How will this impact your business? Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by simply ensuring the ownership of your domains are yours. If you have a domain, […]

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              Are You Forgetting This Prime Time Women’s Market Segment?

                Marketing To Women “If you are not targeting women between ages 50 and 70 with your marketing communications, then you’re missing the most significant and important business opportunities today. Not only are they in the prime of their lives, but they make up the prime spending segment for virtually every consumer category.” says Marti Barletta, […]

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                Create Benefits From Your Product’s Features

                  The person who builds benefit after benefit is the professional and successful one. Your marketing efforts will always profit from focusing on the benefits you are providing to your customers or subscribers, rather that the benefits you are realizing. What value are you providing? Give your customers or subscribers what they WANT, not what you […]

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                  Web Stats: Hits Are Misleading You!

                    The web stats you should be looking for and analysing are ….. No of Unique visitors No of visits = returning visitors Where visitors are coming from Length of time spent on your site – goal = 2 minutes No of Page Views – which pages are being viewed more often; where are your visitors […]

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                    Is Your Website Legal?

                      by Fran Piggott It won’t be long before South Africa follows the US and Europe in introducing new laws to combat spam, porn and other ‘undesirable’ websites. To help you become legal, I’ve set up files which you can download and amend with your details. These you can find here. But remember, these documents are […]

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