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Are You Forgetting This Prime Time Women’s Market Segment?

Marketing To WomenMarketing To Women

“If you are not targeting women between ages 50 and 70 with your marketing communications, then you’re missing the most significant and important business opportunities today. Not only are they in the prime of their lives, but they make up the prime spending segment for virtually every consumer category.” says Marti Barletta, the world’s foremost authority on marketing to women, who has just launched her latest book: PrimeTime Women: How to Win the Hearts, Minds, and Business of Boomer Big Spenders.

Prime Time Women are the healthiest, wealthiest, most active, educated and influential generation of women in history. These are the women who have climbed the career ladders, no longer need to be ‘Mum’s Taxi’ and usually have a sizeable disposable income to have fun with.

Just off the top of my head and thinking ‘outside the box’, here’s some typical businesses who could really profit from this market segment ….

    • Travel Agents – particular cruises
    • Health & Fitness Centres – aqua-aerobics is always popular
    • Beauty Salons & Spas
    • Medical Practices – plastic surgeons, dentists, optometrists
    • Insurance Agents – education policies for grandchildren
    • Financial Planners – moving investments
    • Vehicle Salesmen – from family SUV’s to small run-arounds or sexy soft-tops
    • Real Estate Agents – downsizing to ‘lock-up and go’ secure estates
    • Charities – giving opportunities to put back love and spare time

….. just to name a few. So have a look at your products and see if any match this target market, if they don’t create one!

And where are you likely to find this group of women? … at bowling and bridge clubs, as well as in retirement villages or complexes. They also like gardening, so consider advertising in these magazines.

That’s all for this marketing tip folks. As always, if you like my content I would greatly appreciate it if you shared it around, using the social share button below.



Video – The Most Fun Medium of Marketing!

Take a look around the internet today and one thing you’ll see more of is videos. More and more, even the ‘gurus’ are making use of this medium to advertise their products and services.

Do you doubt me on that? If so, think about the last big launch. Who was the guru and what did he say? No, I don’t mean what did he write, I mean what did he ‘say’.

Because, invariably, every single launch that’s happened over the past few months, not only had an element of video in its sales letter …… in most cases, the video IS the sales letter. Yes, you may see a page with writing on it, but count the number of words.

Chances are, you could actually count the words in a matter of seconds. Before video, I couldn’t imagine anyone would want to even attempt to count the words – the sales letters for big launches are way too long. And let’s face it, when it comes to high ticket, expensive products, the sales pitch has got be substantial as most people want to know as much as possible about a product before they splash out that amount of money.

The good thing with video is now you can write a sales pitch as long as you want and people will most likely sit there and watch it … especially if the delivery is entertaining. Now tell me, when was the last time you found a written sales letter entertaining? I mean, yes, sometimes they are but, for the most part, you can’t afford to use humour in the written sales letter.

Video opens up avenues which were never available before to any business. Or, for that matter, any individual just wanting to get his or her diary online in video form. Sure, you could upload a video to YouTube or one of the multitudes of video sites, but not everyone wants to stick their videos on a public forum that size.There may be certain types of videos available only to your clients – would you want everyone to see them.

Heck, I know of one martial artist who sticks videos on YouTube which are only supposed to be for his paid members. You can’t get to them through his site, but all you have to do is go to YouTube and type in his name and hey presto, there they are!

Now, if you’re one of those people who want to keep their videos on individual sites, what happens if you’re not a techie. Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ll go through a whole load of trial and error. Sure, you’ll probably get the video onto your site, as I did, but it could take a whole day … as it did me.

Now, what if you had a facility to put your videos only on your site? And, what if that facility was so easy to use, it literally takes a few minutes to record, edit and upload?

Well, that facility is here and I’ve used it. If only I had this a couple of years ago – it would have made my life a whole lot easier. What is this new facility?

Easy Video Producer

I’m not going to tell you how amazing it is or how much easier it has made my life or anything like that.
However, if I did, it would be true.

The good thing is, it’s available for nothing. Yup, absolutely free. What more can you ask for? Try it out by clicking the link below …

Check out Easy Video Producer here.

Is Your Advertising Working For You?

by Fran Piggott


Great Newspaper Ads …
That Will Pull All The Customers You Will Ever Need!

Advertising is creating awareness of your product, service, company or idea to your target market – so that the marketplace knows what you offer and where they can find it.

Tips ….

To make advertising effective – track and monitor campaigns

  • Try out different adverts in various mediums
  • Advertise throughout the year
  • Always emphasize what makes your company different
  • Always sell the benefits of doing business with your company

All advertising MUST do one of two things ….

  • 1) Generate Sales
  • 2) Generate Sales Leads

………. and do so in a measurable, quantifiable way.

If you do either of these things, you’ll have no problem “getting your name out there” and you’ll also make money in the process.

But if you simply attempt to get your name out there, it’s very likely that you won’t generate sales NOR sales leads.

Another important tip …. make sure that the person writing your ad comes from a sales or marketing background …. NOT by someone with an English masters degree from an award winning agency …. Ads that win awards rarely generate sales and ads that sell, rarely win awards!

People don’t expect nearly enough from their advertising and they don’t hold it accountable for results. So they waste a stack of money …

Most companies also try to make their advertising do too much …. for example …….

When you’re advertising to generate sales leads, you must remember that all you’re really trying to do is get people to raise their hands and identify themselves as someone who has a problem – and tell you who they are. Anything beyond this dilutes the effectiveness of your ad.

So don’t make the mistake of telling them too much. The purpose of pure lead generation advertising is NOT for you to tell them all about yourself or your products and services – not in the first step anyway …. the purpose is for them to tell you who they are.

When you do this correctly, it’s simple, elegant and outrageously effective and most importantly, nobody feels like you’re chasing them.

Oh, and one more thing ….. everything you say in advertising must be very, very specific, including what you do and who you do it for.

If you’re busy being all things to all people ….. ie if you’ve got a huge list of things that you can do, you’re probably not going to sell anything to anybody. You must define a niche for yourself that’s reasonably unique. In fact even if you don’t have a niche, you need to invent one where it did not exist before!

And finally ….. FACTUAL advertising ALWAYS sells better than empty advertising. The market wants INFORMATION when they are looking for something … so give it to them in your Ad ….

Your potential customer wants to know … what your product, yes the one you have spent lots of time, money and effort developing, will do for him / her … is it the solution to his / her problem? Is it the answer to his / her question? Give him / her the specifics …. does it save money? time? how much? what is it? how does it work? Telling a story gives impact … ie was there an interesting discovery or reason that made this product possible?


Once you can afford it, it pays to employ an advertising agency to take over your whole marketing function.

I’d love to have your input or questions  … as I’m sure many others would, so let’s have your comments below.


“Achieve mega-credibility by backing your products and services with guarantees and assurances.”

Business Promotion

Advertising is one of the best ways to get your business noticed. Advertising and business promotions don’t stop with television or radio advertisements. However, as there are also more inexpensive ways to get your company name out there to the general public. There are some companies that specialize in business promotions, and it might do you some good to see what they have to offer. Not only will you find ideas for your promotional needs, you may find gifts and incentives to hand out to employees for rewards. Some of these items double as rewards and promotional tools all in one shot. That is a great investment for any company to make.


If you attend trade shows, you want to have something to hand out that has your business name on it. This is an essential part of business promotion, and there is a reason so many people do it. The common items personalized for business promotions are pens, baseball caps, notepads, and cups. If you look online, you may find great items that are hard to forget. When you use these for business promotions, you are doubling your chances of getting your name remembered.


You can find items online that can be printed with your company information or logo that will leave a lasting impression on potential clients. If you can’t think of something that is different from the norm, you can find something to spark your imagination online. Prices for these items will vary, so make sure you ask for an estimate as you shop. Also remember to over estimate your needs when you decide to buy. It is far cheaper to buy bulk than to go back for repeat orders when you have run out before you expected to do so.


You may also find that the more interesting the object, the more you hand out and the more results you are going to see. Anyone can give out a pen, but if you hand someone something they have never seen used as a promotional tool before, they are going to remember. The key to good business promotion is getting noticed and getting remembered. This is why you should probably put more thought into this than perhaps you would almost anything else when working on street level person to person promotions.