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How To Easily Triple Your Number Of Clients Within 9 Months!

    by Fran Piggott Jay Abraham used an unusual approach to increasing clients for one of his consultancy clients … One particular client paid its sales staff 10% of the profit. So, if the company made a $1,000 profit on a sale, the sales person would receive $100 and the company would get $900. He made […]

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    Solving A Problem Guarantees A Sale

      by Fran Piggott Word of mouth or a referral is a powerful way to grow your sales. This not only comes from satisfied customers but also because you’re considered an expert in your field. Achieving this status comes down to how you solve your customers’ problems. You must understand and appreciate exactly what your customers […]

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      How To Make Sure Your Product Or Service Is Not A Dud!

        by Fran Piggott One of the major reasons that a product fails is because whoever created it, didn’t fully understand what the product was really expected to do. There are 8 cardinal rules to follow when creating or developing your products or services. (For the purposes of this article, terms ‘product’ and ’service’ will be […]

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        Follow Your Passion & Stick To What You Know!

          by Fran Piggott Starting a business – offline or online – will NOT make millions overnight but it CAN over time with some hard work. This is why you need to create a business that you really love. No matter how enticing an opportunity may appear to you now, if you don’t have a passion […]

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          Selling Tips – Biggest Killer For Businesses

            As far as selling tips are concerned, if there is one you should write out and plaster on your wall it’s this … “Never come across as a desperate salesperson.” The market is full of desperate sales people yet the sad part is, many just don’t realize they are acting desperate and it generally stems […]

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            Promotional Items and How to Make Them Work

              Many businesses are finding life hard at the moment and are finding that they need to be looking at what they can do to build up their customer bases. Measuring footfalls through the front door shows how busy you are. Without people arriving in your shop, you are going to find there’s no-one about to […]

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