Money In Your Bank!Sales are the lifeblood for any business. There are, in my opinion, 5 elements to a business, you can also call them the core departments in a corporate organisation, viz: administration, operations, finance, IT and marketing (which consists of planning, sales and customer service) – I haven’t forgotten HR, which can fit with administration or finance. Now, to put the selling position in its true priority perspective – if you have no sales, your company doesn’t need administration, operations, finance and IT because there is no business, period!

I was so ‘green’ and naive when I started out in my selling career with no training or experience; and being an introvert didn’t help either. It was a real slog because I had no systems to follow and I often just had to use my ‘gut’ to get through what I was trying to achieve. Whenever I could, I’d read books on selling and go on training courses – some of them were really good and helpful, others were a waste of time! But I have always loved a challenge and ‘can’t’ doesn’t belong in my vocabulary. One of the greatest compliments I was given was: “Fran, your problem is you are addicted to success!” I just never gave up – in one instance, it took me 2 years to get a wonderful account which was so worth it!

I really wish I’d had somewhere to learn from other sales people’s successes and mistakes. Selling is like being on a roller-coaster or a yo-yo – it’s so up and down and very lonely at times, not to mention the stress levels when targets are not being achieved! Now is your opportunity to learn best-practice, proven selling skills to keep stress out of selling and achieve your targets by working smarter. There’s no time like the present, so take advantage of Marketing Guru’s Selling Skills Course, where you’ll end up with …..

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  • A Lifestyle Target – to achieve your goals
  • A Qualified Pipeline – to keep you laser focused on attaining your target
  • An Action Plan – to help you work smarter
  • Self Confidence – to give you style, personality and attitude!


Here’s what you’ll learn …

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  • how to analyse your sales, customers, products, attrition rate to build your plan to achieve your targets
  • set your monthly sales targets
  • set your products sales ratio to your targets
  • market research, trends, positioning, demographics, market wants to no longer fear your competition
  • to redefine your target market
  • how to prospect and build a pipeline of targeted quality prospects
  • to define your offering
  • how to boost your sales quickly
  • how to retain and “grow” your customers
  • how to self-manage your daily actions smartly and self-motivate yourself
  • all about understanding the selling personality
  • to discover the absolute winning criteria for success
  • prospects’ buying motivation and how to analyse your prospect type
  • to effectively use a variety of methods to approach your prospect
  • to sell by objectives
  • to obtain the appointment
  • to understand the ABC of selling
  • to overcome objections
  • to close the sale
  • about some marketing tools to use
  • and much, much more …


[features_box_azure_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Ryan Jones“A couple of years back, I was ignorant towards the sales industry and the massive opportunities that it presented.Fran from The Marketing Guru was asked to overview the internal structures of the company, and thus I had the opportunity to meet her and learn her recommended sales techniques.It has now been nearly 5 years later after meeting Fran, and I now run my own business and consult for a national company. To this day, I still use the sales techniques I learnt from The Marketing Guru ie: SWOT analysis; sales pipeline 3:1 etc…what gets measured, improves.

If it wasn’t for the techniques & systems I learned to use, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and would still just be making ends meet.

The Marketing Guru uses simple techniques, but once implemented and followed through, yields great results.

I would recommend The Marketing Guru for anyone who is serious about achieving great sales success, and doesn’t want to be like the majority of salespeople.”

Ryan Jones
Business Owner & Consultant[/features_box_azure_blue]

The workshop is run over one day, 8h30 to 16h00, either in-house or in groups of between 5 and maximum 20 participants. The first session consists of all the planning and the second session, the implementation. Yes, this course is a WORKshop customizing your sales performance … participants will do all the work under my step-by-step guidance.

Bonus: I’ll keep holding your hand! I’ll continue to be accessible after the workshops through Skype, mobile and email.

Workshop fees: Selling Skills Workshop is R3,000 (VAT not charged) per participant, inclusive of manuals and pens. Payable in advance via EFT or credit card.

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