How to Get Customers to Buy More Often, Increase the Value of Every Sale . . .  And . . . Double Your Sales in Record Time!

Every Sale will be Closed by the Emotional Experience your customer will have with YOU or gets from USING your product or service

Customer Focused Selling falls into 3 different types of Categories listed below.
Which One is Yours?

B2B Selling

Success will be achieved through the relationships you build with your customers. 

B2C Selling

Having all the influencers together in the decision making will secure your deal.

Internal Sales

Turn your reactive order-taking into . . . reactive order-taking coupled with proactive selling.

Build Your Own Sales Course

How often do you enroll in a sales course with only the modules
you need or want?

Build Own Selling Course

And . . . if there's any module or lesson missing . . . ask Fran to create it for you!

The Choice Is Yours!

  • to stay as you are believing you don't need to invest in enhancing your selling skills; or
  • to enroll in one of the 'made for you' selling courses specific to your selling role e.g. B2B, B2C or Internal Sales; or
  • to build your own selling course with the modules and lessons you want.

Fran's Selling Techniques
Sharing my knowledge, expertise and experience with You

Over many years in sales, I worked out that my success came from being only customer focused, knowing how to build relationships with my customers, by nurturing and keeping them. In this way, I built up a loyal base of customers through trust and service excellence.

I was ruthless in persistently only targeting and acquiring profitable A and B customers, whilst ditching time and resources-wasting C customers. I learnt how to package slow-moving profitable products with popular fast-moving products.

Setting my own personal sales targets was easier to achieve when I knew what and when my customers bought from me. I used a product matrix for re-selling, up-selling and cross-selling to my existing customers.

New customers were acquired through word-of-mouth from my loyal customers, as well as asking them for referrals. 

And, I acquired fresh new customers by attending networking functions, making sure I 'fished in the right pond'.


Discover how to make a significant difference with your customer focused selling skills

Usually a sales person is given a sales target to achieve - sometimes realistic and other times not.

However, since a sales person has the opportunity to write their own salary, the single thing that will drive and motivate you is having a personal goal that you desperately want to achieve - such as a house, or a car, or education for your child, or a holiday somewhere - naturally with a deadline.

Once you identify this goal, work it into your sales target and go for your goal! 

You'll be amazed at how quickly you'll reach your goal - then, of course, you'll start again with another goal!

We would love YOUR  feedback to create a new Sales course for you!