Customers Sales Performance

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Customers Segmentation:

It’s important for the survival of your business to segment your customers into 4 groups – A/B/C/D. Nurture and build a strong relationship with your A and B customers, ditch the profit sucking C customers and bring back the lost D customers.

Balancing Customers:

Know how not to become an extension of one or two big organisations and how to spread your risks evenly across your customer base.

Losing Customers:

The loss of customers happens in every business, it’s a natural occurrence. However, there needs to be a reason why a customer leaves you and you need to find this out, particularly if this is an A or B customer. 

Firing Resources Sucking C Customers:

How to identify and then get rid of resources sucking C customers who are ruining your business. They are not worth keeping and must make space for profitable customers.

Customers Buying Patterns:

When you are able to see at a glance, the products your customers are ordering, you’ll be able to forecast their future sales and manage your inventory of stock efficiently.

Knowing which products and when your customers are buying will let you know when to promote these products to them.

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