Smart Marketing … Using Promotional Umbrellas

by Fran Piggott  - October 25, 2008

Promotional umbrellas are one of the promotional products that you might be considering. They have an excellent area for printing onto and can be bright, eye-catching and extremely useful.


From giving them out, to leaving them around where people might be able to use them if they wish to.


Here’s some ways to put them to use.


1) If your shop has an outdoor area, or trading with you involves stepping out of the door, why not leave a few printed umbrellas by the door. Not only will customers be pleased that they were sheltered from the rain whilst visiting you, but if any accidentally go missing, they are carrying your advert around for you.


2) Certain sporting events, especially golf, have spectators and competitors hanging around in the open for long periods of time. You only need to look at the stands around a golf course during a major tournament and if it is windy, people have their golfing umbrellas open to block the wind – with the logos facing outwards for all to see. On very hot days, other people will use the umbrellas to shelter from the heat of the sun. Sell the umbrellas cheaply if the weather looks bad or give them out to anyone who will carry one if rain looks unlikely.


3) Trade shows are also a good opportunity to give out umbrellas. One I am attending next weekend is traditionally on a wet day. Being given an umbrella there would be useful for many people as they walk back to cars or stand around watching the outdoor events. Grab your public’s attention with umbrellas and you might just find potential customers visiting you to collect an umbrella, and then becoming paid customers.


4) If your business is in selling beach products then visit beaches during the summer and give out the umbrellas to the families you find on the beach. Especially on hot or breezy days. The recipients will be glad of the shade afforded to them by the umbrella, either from the sun or the wind.


5) Want to be seen to be supporting local charities? Well, look for events that are supporting them, such as runs, bike rides and walks. Go along, whatever the weather and supply spectators, and in the case of walks, participants, with your umbrellas.


And as I always say, once you have produced a stack of nice, shiny, new promotional umbrellas, do what you can to get them to your public. They are serving no purpose locked in your storeroom! If you see an excuse to give someone an umbrella, do so. They might just be so pleased with their present that they’ll buy from you, else they will hopefully parade your logo for other potential customers to see.



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