Camouflage Marketing With Stealth Selling!

For building TRUST, there is no one more authentic than YOU, the business owner, conveying your passion and belief that surrounds your products or services into the marketplace.

Fran Piggott

I help business owners who are overwhelmed by selling, to ‘sell’ their products or services into the marketplace without having any selling skills . . . completely relaxed . . . and with ease.

“I can’t sell!”

“How do ‘I’ make sales for my business?”

“How do I sell?”

“What’s the best way to learn how to sell?”

“Why can’t I sell?”

“How can I sell without being ‘salesy’?”

Sales Are the Life Blood of Your Business . . .

. . . but are they being frozen because you don’t know how to SELLyour products or services?

It’s natural to be fearful or even be intimidated if you believe you can’t sell. But . . . selling can be easy without you being “salesy” or even knowing that you’re doing it!

There’s a Free Selling Tool Just Waiting for You to Use And . . . It’s Not Your Website!

Camouflaged in the marketing traffic drivers to your website . . .  in the infographic below . . . is one driver which can turn you into a selling machine without you having to learn any selling skills!

Selling Tools In This New World Marketing Infographic

Why Work With Fran

Fran PiggottFran PiggottFran Piggott

Turn this driver into a marketing and selling workhorse!

  • Fran advises on how to do effective camouflage marketing with stealth selling to get your message to your audience.
  • Fran creates the missing pieces that are needed to generate your sales message effectively.
  • Fran helps you choose the correct online channel to use to promote your products and services.

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You’re In Good Company

Jonathan Payne  Helping People Achieve Freedom by Disrupting Patterns of Thought

5 Stars


Fran has extensive and in depth knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work in marketing, gained from years of experience. When she gives advice it is not academic theory, she has tested the idea and assessed it in the marketplace. She has a talent for understanding the situation, assessing the needs and delivering a workable, straight forward solution.

Fran is not only knowledgeable and generous in imparting her knowledge, she also inspires her clients to break through plateaux in their existing businesses by focusing on core issues that drive the business.

Ann Druce Octarine Communications

Fran is a creative expert who thinks out-the-box and helps motivate you to improve and grow your business. Her knowledge and expertise in social media is well beyond many other coaches that I have experienced before. I highly recommend the services of Fran Piggott for any small, medium or large business.

Caroline Dassonville  Vibrant Direct

Fran is the ‘Marketing Guru’ here in South Africa, accomplished both online and offline. A successful marketing strategist and sales executive, with a wealth of information derived from new business development in the corporate environment in various countries on the African continent. Plus additional personal success in being a business owner.

Joan Stewart Social Media and Mobile Marketer

Now, I Present You With 2 Choices . . .

Stay as you are . . . getting the same, or no results; or

Chat with me for a FREE 30 minutes consultation to see how I can help you overcome your ‘how to sell’ fears.


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