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It doesn’t matter what industry a business is in, the marketing basics, techniques, tools and tips work the same for them all.

WithMarketing Guru Waving Her Magic Wand over 45 years of business experience, I will teach you the easiest and quickest way to apply proven techniques and strategies that will help you to grow your sales, making your business sustainable. The motto, which I have always applied during my successful career is “Least Effort For Greatest Reward!”

It is my proven belief that if you have the right product, targeted to the right audience with an active marketing campaign, you cannot fail. The secret lies in getting these elements correct, to allow the money to pour in.

AND ….. no matter how the marketplace performs, you NEVER stop marketing.

We offer two levels of marketing courses aimed at different business roles …

Now, I put back as much of my experience to those who want to learn from my success … and also my mistakes! So browse my blog for interesting marketing articles or participate in one of my marketing courses.


Fran Piggott


Managing Director
Marketing Guru

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