How Thinking Positive Can Make Your Life A Lot More Successful

by Fran Piggott  - November 11, 2008

by Theo McLanahan


Positive thinking may sound like mumbo-jumbo to some people, but other people firmly believe in it. Positive thinking is the act of staying optimistic, even when faced with difficulties or challenges.


Staying positive, even in the face of adversity, can help you conquer challenges. When you think positively, you are envisioning your success. Failure will not be an option; you will move past the obstacles in your way. When a person thinks positively, they will attract positive people and positive outcomes in their life.


When you find yourself facing a roadblock, try to find a way around it. It can be easy to give up. Giving up will not bring you any closer to accomplishing your goals. In fact, giving up can make you feel even worse and cause more stress.


Reaching your goals and accomplishing tasks will make you evolve as a person. You will exhibit more confidence and accept new challenges.


You can’t change your way of thinking overnight. Big changes can come from taking small steps.


Start your morning with positive thoughts. You’re going to have a great day. Nice things are going to happen to you. Picture all the new clients you’ve attracted or a reporter who wants to do a magazine story featuring you.


Create a “dream board” or “dream book” to collect all the things you would like to accomplish or just add pictures that you like from a magazine. You can pin these to a bulletin board or just paste them to a scrapbook.


Don’t limit your ideas. If you have a picture of a house that you love, put it on your board. Is there a car you’ve always wanted or a place you’d love to travel?


Take that moment each day to check your dream board or book. Think positively and tell yourself that “one day, that car will be mine” or “I’m going to vacation here”. This can be the motivation you need to work and achieve success. Your dream book can give you a glimpse of your rewards. It is up to you to make it happen.



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