Sales Profiling

Welcome to this module to set the foundation for your sales road map. In these lessons, we’ll be covering . . . 

  • Your sales performance.
  • Your attrition rate.
  • Your products profitability and popularity.
  • Balancing your customers and products.
  • Your customers’ profitability and buying patterns.

Why You Need To Do This

The reason for doing this is to identify who to target for re-selling, up-selling and cross-selling products to and when they will most likely buy your products.By categorizing your customers, you will be able to attract and acquire the customers that you want to service, without unnecessarily wasting time, resources and effort.You’ll identify the profitable and popular products for promoting during your marketing campaigns​.You’ll learn how to balance your customers and products so that you don’t have ‘all your eggs in one basket’.

And, you’ll check your attrition rate to ensure your sustainability.

Sales Performance Analysis

In this lesson, you’ll review your historical sales trends – comparing turnover with profits, including insights into maintaining or achieving the gross profit you want.  

Customers Profitability Analysis

In this lesson, you’ll segment your customers into A,B,C & D groups. Establish what your customers buy and when.

Products Profitability and Popularity Analysis

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Balancing Customers and Products

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Attrition Rate Analysis

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