Is Your Website Legal?

    by Fran Piggott

    It won’t be long before South Africa follows the US and Europe in introducing new laws to combat spam, porn and other ‘undesirable’ websites.

    To help you become legal, I’ve set up files which you can download and amend with your details. These you can find here.

    But remember, these documents are not a substitute for legal or other professional advice. Consult an attorney to address specific legal issues and your financial planner and certified public accountant to discuss specific financial and tax issues.

    You have 2 options were to insert this legal info:

    Using a ‘legal’ tab in the navigation bar; or
    in the footer

    The documents you should have, non-negotiable, are:

    Privacy Policy
    Antispam Policy
    Terms and Conditions of Use
    FTC Disclosure of Material Connection

    I like to include a Disclaimer and because most of my sites usually sell affiliate products or generate some form of revenue, I have to include Disclosure of Material Connection.

    I recommend you include your own terms and conditions for doing business with your Company.

    Lastly, remember – Don’t forget to always have an UNSUBSCRIBE link for any commercial emails you’re sending. If you don’t have software like AWeber or Getresponse to automate this process, then make sure you manually remove the unsubscribers from your mailing lists. If you don’t do this and there are enough complaints from unhappy recipients, your ISP can or will shut you down – so goodbye emails and website!

    To your continued success

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