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cardinal rule IN SELLING

Give your buyers what they WANT, not what you think they need! In this way you are appealing to their self-interest.Never assume you know what the prospect or customer wants. The only way to understand what the prospect or customer wants is to ask them. And guess what, they will move mountains to get it. The more accurately you can identify, appeal to and provide what they intensely desire, the more successful you’ll ultimately be.It isn’t how you sell the product or service, but rather, what client wants are you satisfying?

Action Steps: What is the primary want you are satisfying for your clients?


A niche market is a targeted group of people (small or large group) who share a specific interest. The more specific your group is, the easier it will be to tailor your marketing messages directly to them.It is critical that your target market be specifically identified and how you’re likely to get ‘in their face’.

This applies to both offline and online marketing …. Not everybody  wants your product or service, so concentrate your energy on the people who do AND who are willing to pay for it! Develop your product or service with these people specifically in mind and you will be far more successful than you will, trying to sell your product or service to everyone.If the marketplace is too crowded in your industry, try narrowing your focus.

For example …

If you are selling digital cameras, you are likely to have a lot of competition and will find it difficult to get noticed. Therefore, narrow your focus to selling exclusive, expensive cameras to professional photographers.

Action Steps: Which is the primary niche you are serving?


When a buyer has a problem, s/he has worries and no one likes worries. If you solve the problem, you are IN.Take the biggest problem that your product or service solves and put it into the form of a question. Don’t tell your prospect or client what your product or service will do for them. Ask them!For example …

If you were an insurance agent, you might ask, “How would you know that your current insurance policy adequately addresses the risk exposures in your business?” or “When was the last time you had a loss that you thought was covered and you found out it was not?”. By asking this type of a question it allows prospects or clients to come to their own conclusion and realize that you have the answer.

Don’t Sell to Them – Help Them!

Your potential customers are looking for information, solutions to their problems and things that will make their lives easier in general. If you can solve your niche’s problems by giving exact solutions it wants, it will continually keep coming back to you as a trusted source of helpful advice and resources. This is how you need to position the product or service you plan to sell.

Action Steps: Identify a common problem your clients have and the solution you’re offering.

FIND A buying market before creating a product 

One of the most serious mistakes made in business and a reason for so many business failures, is to create a product or service and then trying to find a market for it. 

Analyse what is being talked or written about on the internet and the media. Look in the letters to the editor, reviews, FAQ’s, look through specialized magazines and articles, sign up for newsletters..

Identify what products or services are being looked for. It’s always best to discover what people want (not need) and then provide it.

Once you’ve found a common problem, develop a solution. This is the simplest way to find a void in the market and fill it! And it’s the best way to find an eager, hungry market for your product or service.

Action Steps: Identify the buying market your product benefits.


“What’s in it for me?” You may have a great product or service but it’s going nowhere until you convince your prospects that they need it, want it and can afford it.

Emphasis is on how your product or service will benefit your prospect. You know how to solve your prospects’ problems and make their lives easier – but you need to make sure they know it too! Apply the “So what?” or “What’s in it for me?”  or  “Why should I order?”  or “Why should I keep reading?” principle!

Benefits are something your prospect will enjoy in the future, but nor currently enjoying. Most people focus on BIG benefits when selling their products or services For example …

This toothpaste will give you a wider, brighter, prettier, attractive smile ….

But, how about  …

You have a toothache that you can barely see straight, this toothpaste will numb the pain.

Focus on the problem that your prospect is CURRENTLY experiencing and solve it! Pain point elimination is easier to sell than ‘big benefits’ only.

Turn features into compelling benefits. A feature is a simple fact about your product or service – but a benefit explains what advantages your prospect will actually get from using your product or service.

Benefits are NOT “quality and service” or “cheapest”

For example ….

If your website is selling cellphones – a feature is “clear reception” but the benefit is “a guarantee that you never lose an important call again because of poor cellphone reception”.

Action StepsDraw up a spreadsheet of the features of your products or services, then for each one say “So what?” and insert the benefit your client gets for using that feature. If you are having trouble with coming up with a decent list, go and ask your customers or prospects: “What do they like about your product or service?” “How has it benefited them?”

less is more!

Reduce the time and effort while improving the result.

For example …

How to get endless cardio while training LESS than you are NOW!

5 major hot buying buttons

You buy with emotion and then justify with logic!

  • Save Money
  • Make Money
  • Save Time
  • No Effort
  • No Risk, Pain or Fear

Action StepsCreate a pitch for each hot button.

networking – sales is all about building relationships!

This is an on-going process. 

Whenever you meet someone that you think you could do business with, either now or in the future, give them a business card and follow up with people that you meet.

To increase your contacts, join your local Chamber of Commerce, small business network groups, Toastmasters, Rotary, business breakfast groups.

Arrange to have networking meetings at your premises where you could get to meet your clients one-on-one.

Learn to listen and be bold … go up to people for a chat.

Action StepsDevelop a 30 second elevator speech. 

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