Engage & Build Relationships With Your Audience!

"An audience consists of people who know you and/or your brand, who recognise you, want more from you and will actively seek you out."

When you stop collecting 'followers' and start building relationships, you increase trust, authority, credibility and attract more customers.

Your new world marketing mindset needs to change from purely promoting products to more focus on how your products can BENEFIT your audience by making a positive difference to THEM.

Everyone Is Not Your Customer!

The cardinal mistake in marketing is . . . if you try and market to everyone,
you market to no one!

Your only marketing objective should be . . . to position your business as the 'Go To' place for the products or services somoene is looking for AND your marketing campaigns must use the likely channels to 'Get In The Face' of customers you want to keep and prospects you want to acquire.

How the Internet Has Influenced Your Marketing

Since the Internet has become the dominant player in the way we now market our products and services, and to remain in business, it's essential that mindsets change to embrace the Internet . . . not fear it because it is unknown.
Today, websites must be mobile responsive with focus on INSTANT gratification.

The Old Marketing Methods

  • Sales & leads generated through personal contact.
  • Outsourced social media exposure.
  • Product demonstarations in person.
  • Networking events attended in person.
  • Customers visited in person.
  • Promotions mainly through offline channels.
  • Meetings & presentations in person using hardcopy tools.
  • Continual travelling.
  • Cold calling.

The New Marketing Methods

  • Sales & leads generated through your website.
  • In-house social media exposure.
  • Product demonstarations using video via YouTube.
  • Networking events attended virtually.
  • Customers visited through 'face time'.
  • Promotions via 'sms' marketing or WhatsApp groups.
  • Meetings & presentations virtually with documents being forwarded.
  • Home or office bound.
  • Private messaging.

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New World Marketing Revolves Around Traffic TO Your Website!

There's only 3 ways to drive traffic to your website . . . create it . . . buy it . . . borrow it

You can no longer rely on a 'Great Looking' website . . . it needs to work! Traffic (searchers) need to find you.

56% of all searches are now performed through 'Googling' on smart phones.
If Google can't find your website INSTANTLY . . . no one can!

Website Traffic Drivers

Your website must work for you organically . . .

Organic search through search engine optimisation (SEO) is an essential aspect of your website and refers to the unpaid or natural search results displayed on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) when users perform a search query. By producing quality content and optimizing your website for user experience, you can increase your visibility to rank higher in organic search results and attract relevant organic traffic to your website.

"My Website Is a Waste of Time!"

It should be focusing on:

Generating Leads

Building Relationships

Sales Conversions

So often one hears "I've got a website, but it doesn't work!" Now is the time to make it work, because the Internet has taken over the marketplace completely - dictating the way business is now being conducted.

A website is a fundamental component of today's marketing landscape.
It's your Digital Front Door! It helps establish your online presence, build credibility, generate leads, enable online transactions, distribute content, integrate marketing efforts and facilitate business growth. It's a powerful tool that allows you to connect with your target audience, promote your brand and drive conversions in the digital era.

Smartphone Googling

Why Work With Fran

Fran Piggott
Fran Piggott
Fran Piggott

Turn your website into a marketing workhorse!

  • Fran offers guidance on effectively using video marketing, email marketing and mobile marketing strategies to build connections with your audience.
  • Fran audits websites to pinpoint the crucial elements needed for generating leads and achieving profitable sales.
  • Fran creates engaging lead magnets on your website for the purpose of collecting names and email addresses, rather than a generic "newsletter sign-up."
  • Fran assists you in selecting the appropriate online platform for promoting your products and services.

What You Need to Know Before Getting Started Online

If you asked a third party to set up your Online Presence, you may be in for a few unexpected surprises!

do you own your ONLINE presence?

Ensure that your name or your company's name is registered as the 'Registrant' for your domain name. If this is not the case, take steps to rectify it without delay.

did you purchase your domain name separately from your webhost?

By doing so, you can safeguard your website from being controlled by your web host in the event of a dispute.

is your website's theme created using a web developer's license?

It's essential to possess the license for your paid theme. Otherwise, if you part ways with your web developer, who might be the license holder, your website's theme will become ineligible for updates unless you acquire a license. This can become necessary as WordPress frequently updates its platform to address security concerns. Additionally, your plugins might lose compatibility with your theme.

is google analytics set up on your website?

Hiring external services for paid advertising or monitoring your website's performance typically involves combining your Google Analytics code with other websites under the credentials of the outsourced provider. Consequently, you may find yourself without direct access to view your website's performance data, relying solely on the reports provided by the outsourced provider.

Choose the Best Marketing Channel for You

You can't choose them all . . . only choose one or two where your audience is likely to hang out.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is crucial in today's digital scene. It's all about making and sharing videos to grab the attention of your audience (engage), teach them something (educate), or just give them a good time (entertain).

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a super powerful way to reach people online. It's all about sending the right messages to the right people through email. Remember, your email list is like a goldmine because it's yours to keep and use! Using quizzes can also boost engagement and interaction with your subscribers.

Social Media

Social Media marketing is a smart way to use sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to reach and connect with the people you want to reach. Pick the social media sites where your audience hangs out the most. Get people involved by getting them to like, comment, share, and send messages.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing gives you big opportunities to connect with people in a very personal and focused way. Since lots of folks use smartphones and tablets, it's a key part of any complete marketing strategy.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can really help you get your message to the right people, making your brand more visible, getting more people to your website, and increasing sales. But to make it work best, you need to plan carefully, keep an eye on how it's doing, and make changes to get the most out of your money.


Webinars are a great way to teach people and connect with them. They're handy because people can join in from anywhere. Plus, they help businesses find new potential customers, make more people know about their brand, and build strong relationships with their audience over time.

Frequently Asked Marketing Questions

why do i need a website?

In the age of online searches via smartphones, not having a website means your potential customers may find your competitors instead. Your website is a vital tool for capturing the attention of your audience, showcasing your offerings and ensuring that when customers search for solutions, your business is prominently represented. 

i feel too overwhelmed to manage my website

If you can use Microsoft Word, you can manage the content in your website. If the website structure is correctly set up, all you need to know is how to add images, videos and text to the relevant pages . . . it's not rocket science!

what financial difference will my website make to my business?

Having a website is crucial for your business's survival as it ensures that searchers can easily find the products, services and information they seek, contributing significantly to your financial success.

do i need an online shop?

Yes . . . if your products can be sold online. Many searchers browse the Internet while they are waiting or at leisure, often impulse buying. After hours purchasing has become a standard practise when buying decisons are made.

will my marketing expenses decrease?

Yes . . . considerably! Because it's no longer necessary to use costly offline materials and distribution channels.

Can I be successful if I have a small budget for marketing and advertising?

Yes, success doesn't always depend on a large marketing budget. There are cost-effective strategies such as social media marketing, content creation, networking and referral programmes that can help you reach your target audience without a substantial financial investment. Creativity and consistency can go a long way in making up for a limited budget.

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