Revealed... the NEW Way to Set Your Annual Money Goals


Why is Setting Goals Crucial for Your Success?

Without a clear end goal in sight, it's impossible to achieve the results or even the lifestyle you want. With focus and direction you'll get there.

Course Content

Setting Your 'Must Have' Goal

Use a proven formula to set this goal accurately to stay in business.

Setting Your 'Ideal' Goal

This goal sets the lifestyle you'd like to have by reverse engineering your end goal.

Monitoring Your Progress

Follow the money! Leave what's working and tweak what isn't working.

Next Steps

Getting to where you want to be means taking serious action.

Everything I teach in this Goal Setting course is tested and proven in the real world and works.

Lessons are step-by-step, practical "how to" and easy to implement at your own pace.

This method is guaranteed to work when applied as instructed.

2 Simple Steps to...

Setting Your Annual
Money Goals Accurately

What my clients are saying 

Jonathan Payne

"Fran has extensive and in depth knowledge of what works and what doesn't work in marketing, gained from years of experience. When she gives advice it is not academic theory, she has tested the idea and assessed it in the marketplace. She has a talent for understanding the situation, assessing the needs and delivering a workable, straight forward solution. Fran's practical, incisive, no-nonsense, professional approach delivers understandable, workable and remarkably simple yet effective solutions."

Jonathan Payne  //  Speaker

Michael Dickerson

"Fran's biggest asset is that she speaks from experience as she has been there and done it, she is not just talking from a text book."

Michael Dickerson  //  Territory Manager

Without applying the formula ?

For the 'Must Have' goal, it's not enough just to cover those monthly expenses which have to be met with some profit.  With this mindset, cash flow will always be a problem.

However, by using a proven formula based on your own financial data, the 'Must Have' goal becomes accurate and realistic, resulting with regular positive cash flow.

What You Get . . .

You get immediate access -24/7 - on any device - desktop or mobile. My assumptions for this course are ... you're English speaking ... you own or manage a business ... you are a sales professional (or) ... you are a marketing or sales manager for an organisation. You can begin whenever you're ready, and you can go through the lessons sequentially, at whatever pace suits you best.

  1. 1
    (Our course includes several lessons. We are going to start with... )
    Calculating your 'Must Have' money goal. (This is the first important lesson because it lays the foundation for exactly what your entire business relies on, so this module you definitely want to make sure you’ve covered well.)

    (Then, we’re going to learn about ... )
    Calculating your 'Ideal' money goal. (This is the lesson which reverse engineers the money goal you would like to have to finally live the lifestyle you keep working towards.)

    (We’re next going to ...)
    Monitor and tweak your progress.

    (After each lesson, you’ll be given ...)
    Homework to do.
  2. 2
    (Inside the course you’re going to find several resources. There are ... videos throughout the course. In fact a good portion of the instruction is done via video)
    • Course Videos
    • Transcripts / PDFs
    • Audio
    • Formulated worksheets
    • Homework (for each lesson)
  3. 3
    There are two ways to take this course ...)
    • Watch all the videos, making notes as you go. Then go back and work through the course.
    (others of you may want to ...)
    • Work on each module as you go (which is recommended)
    • Regardless of the way you want to work through the course, ... let’s go ahead and get started!

Fran Piggott  //  Instructor

I breathe oxygen into your marketing ... your sales ... and ... your business ideas. And, I take responsibility for giving my clients the outcome they want to achieve.

I work with English speaking business owners and sales professionals, worldwide, to show them how to market their business and sell their products and services to accelerate their profits. As each business is unique, it's essential to create a focused strategy that gets the required revenue results.

Fran Piggott

Fran Piggott

Join Over 800 Happy Students

Ann Druce

"Fran Piggott is not only knowledgeable and generous in imparting her knowledge, she also inspires her clients to break through plateaux in their existing businesses by focusing on the core issues that drive the business. I found the course I did with her stimulating and invigorating, and have explored new ideas as a direct result of it."

Ann Druce  //  Copywriter

Bronwyn Bath

"I had a great, creative concept but needed focus. Fran put my feet on the ground and with her honesty, expertise and passion for what she does she helped channel my ideas and create focus. Within a month I have noticed an improvement in sales and interest in my business."

Bronwyn Bath  //  Freelance Graphics Designer

The Best Time to Start Making Money is Now!

Without a clear end goal in sight, it's impossible to achieve the results or even the lifestyle you want.

With focus and direction you'll get there.

2 Simple Steps to...

Setting Your Annual 
Money Goals Accurately


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