Selling Tips – Biggest Killer For Businesses

by Fran Piggott  - November 6, 2008

As far as selling tips are concerned, if there is one you should write out and plaster on your wall it’s this … “Never come across as a desperate salesperson.”

The market is full of desperate sales people yet the sad part is, many just don’t realize they are acting desperate and it generally stems through poor training and mentoring. Those who are classed as desperate sellers are the ones who go at a prospect from the moment they meet them either personally or on the phone and hammer them with their offer.
It eventually disintegrates into the seller telling their prospect that if they don’t join they will either never see financial wealth or miss out big time. Let me ask you this…would you be impressed by this rhetoric?

Not likely and neither should you be. Where is there any value to the prospect with this type of interaction. There’s none, so keep this impulse under check and develop the mindset of help first benefit later.

First Contact With Your Prospect

Take this selling tip to the bank… when you first speak to any prospect remember, it’s all about them. Here are some tips in creating a good impression first up …

– Make a proper introduction. Always ask if this is a good time for them. Once the initial introductions are out of the way then…

– You need to establish the prospect’s why and desires. What time frame they have set themselves to achieve these.

– Make sure you listen carefully to their responses. Write them down.

– When you ask a question, avoid interrupting the prospect or cutting them off. Remember, it’s about them. Before you ask a question, wait until they have finished speaking and then pause briefly before asking your question.

Selling Tip

What not to do as far as selling tips are concerned, avoiding a desperate demeanor on the phone is high on the list. For example, many new recruits are so excited about speaking to their first prospect they already have them recruited before they’ve even spoken with them!

You should never ask your prospect to buy your product because you’re in the best company which has the best products, life-changing in fact, and they have the best compensation plan bar none.

Yes, you know this is true but all the prospect will see is a desperate individual trying to sell to them at any cost. In fact, you’ll come across as having no interest in their needs, only yours.

This first contact should be limited in time. Your main aim is to understand what’s important to the prospect and then leave them with some information to go over before your next appointment. This is one of the best selling tips you’ll ever hear.

I’d love to have your input or questions … as I’m sure many others would, so let’s have your comments below.


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