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What Are You Selling?

You need to believe in your product or service, in order to be able to sell it with confidence. Your product is the emotion someone experiences when using your product – be it something physical or a service.

Justifying Your Products’ Pricing:

You may have a great product or service but it’s going nowhere until you convince your prospects that they need it, want it and can afford it. There is an industry standard price and your customer’s resistance ceiling price. Your price needs to fit somewhere between these two, closer to the ceiling price.

Products Profitability and Popularity:

Find out what the marketplace thinks of your products. Sometimes, you can move your stock by packaging a popular product with your profitable, slower moving product.

Balancing Products:

Having only a few dominant profit generating products makes you vulnerable when the marketplace no longer wants these products. Spread your risks evenly across your products.

Controlling the Availability of Your Inventory:

When you are able to see at a glance, the profitable and popular products being ordered, you’ll be able to forecast their future sales and manage your inventory efficiently. Know the speed at which your products are moving and when to promote them.

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