Review: SpinToWin Reward Plugin

    SpinToWin Reward Plugin

    Gamify Your Opt-ins and Skyrocket Your Conversions!

    It’s been a long time since I’ve become excited about a new way to showcase my products and services on my website. In my opinion, SpinToWinReward is the most interactive, fun, out-of-the-box and forward thinking plugin available to grow your email list and generate more sales by increasing your conversion rates to levels you've never seen before!

    Amazon promotes millions of books whereby its visitors can view a book’s table of contents and even read a chapter before buying it. A marketing method that clearly has made millions of dollars and worth copying. In this regard, it would seem that SpinToWinReward has cleverly adapted this method by allowing you to create and then promote your own ‘Table of Contents’ right in-front of your target audience when they visit your website. 

    If you’re using apps on your smart phones, you are likely often seeing ads for installing casino apps or viewing Reality TV shows spinning wheels of fortune. This means that the marketplace is wanting these apps or shows, otherwise they wouldn’t be promoted or aired. Consequently, gamification is one of the future ways to use in your marketing to attract attention from your target market.

    SpinToWinReward plugin allows you to replace your traditional opt-in forms with gamified opt-in forms. This allows you to add fun, anticipation and excitement to your opt-in offer, making it completely irresistible for your visitors!

    This plugin features a wheel of fortune to win prizes. Of course, visitors must enter their name and email address first to play!

    It combines elements of play and game mechanics like points, urgency and other incentives to affect user behaviour and get them to take your desired action.

    Here are some of the key features of this plugin ...


    • Create as many slices as you want.
    • Configure each slice to offer different prizes.
    • Customize the text & colour for each slice on the wheel.
    • Configure the winning probability of each slice (in %).
    • Show as a popup or inline or upon a button click.
    • Connects with all leading email platforms.
    • Connects with DAP but it does not require DAP.
    • Zapier support.
    • GDPR complaint.
    • Pop-up looks great on mobile device.
    • A countdown timer for your coupons to create a sense of urgency.
    • Visitors must fill in their email to spin the wheel. You can display the prize information right there or redirect to a different page.
    • Prevent spam. You can also connect each winning slice with an autoresponder and send out the prize details in an email to the subscribers. This way you can protect your site from spammers.
    • Gain unique insights on your pop-ups’ performance with real-time, easy-to-read statistics.
    • Add custom images, choose colours, fonts and animations to create the pop-up that sells your business best.

    I have found SpintToWinReward plugin easy to configure using a ton of options included to help me customize the wheel and make it my own!

    Here are a few suggestions you could use for your slices ...

    • Offer a free ebook
    • Offer credits/points
    • Offer free consultations
    • Offer coupon codes
    • Offer a free copy of your paid course
    • Offer a free trial of one of your lessons
    • Offer a free trial to your membership
    • Offer a video training
    • Replace ‘losing’ slices with industry tips


    The SpinToWinReward plugin offers three ‘one-time fee’ plans with a 30 days money back guarantee. Much more preferable than a monthly fee.

    The most popular choice is the lifetime license of this plugin which I personally recommend for future updates and support. There is no doubt, that this particular plugin will update regularly as it adjusts to the demands from the marketplace.

    For example ...

    • the ability to display the spinning wheel as an exit intent popup.
    • different types of games!

    This is truly a no-brainer purchase! Gamification is here to stay! Take the lead. Embrace it before your competition does!

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