Camouflage Marketing: The Tactical Approach to Stealth Selling!

To establish TRUST, authenticity reigns supreme as YOU, the business owner, infuses your unwavering passion and belief in your products or services into the market.

Fran Piggott

Empowering Business Owners Struggling with Selling to Effortlessly 'Sell' Their Offerings in the Marketplace, Even Without Prior Sales Expertise,
All While Staying Relaxed and Confident."

"I can't sell!"

"How do 'I' make sales for
my business?"

"How do I sell?"

"What's the best way to learn how to sell?"

"Why can't I sell?"

"How can I sell without being 'salesy'?"

Sales Are the Life Blood of Your Business . . .

. . . but are they being frozen because you don't know how to SELL
your products or services?

It's natural to be fearful or even be intimidated if you believe you can't sell. But . . . selling can be easy without
you being "salesy" or even knowing that you're doing it!

There's a Free Selling Tool Just Waiting for You to Use
And . . . It's Not Your Website!

Camouflaged in the marketing traffic drivers to your website . . .  in the infographic below . . . is one driver
which can turn you into a selling machine without you having to learn any selling skills!

Website Traffic Drivers

Why Work With Fran

Fran Piggott
Fran Piggott
Fran Piggott

Turn this driver into
a marketing and selling workhorse!

  • Fran provides guidance on the art of stealth selling through effective camouflage marketing techniques, ensuring your message reaches your target audience discreetly.
  • Fran assembles the crucial components required to craft your sales message with utmost effectiveness.
  • Fran provides direction, inspiration and encouragement as you navigate your selling journey. 

Frequently Asked Selling Questions

I'm not a natural salesperson. Can I still succeed in selling?

Absolutely! Successful selling relies on effective communication, relationship-building and problem-solving. These skills can be learned and honed, making it accessible to anyone willing to put in the effort and practice.

I'm afraid of rejection. How can I overcome this fear?

Rejection is a common fear in selling. To overcome it, focus on understanding that rejection is not a reflection of your self-worth. Instead, it's a part of the process. The more you face rejection, the more you learn and improve, increasing your chances of success.

How do I handle objections and pushback from potential customers?

Objections are a natural part of the selling process. Instead of viewing objections as obstacles, see them as opportunities to address concerns and provide solutions. Active listening and empathy can help you understand your potential customer's objections and respond effectively.

 I struggle with self-confidence in selling. What can I do to boost my confidence?

Building confidence in selling often comes from knowledge and practice. Educate yourself about your product or service, industry and effective selling techniques. Role-playing and rehearsing selling scenarios can help you feel more prepared and self-assured in real selling situations.

I'm worried about appearing too aggressive in sales. How can I strike a balance between being assertive and not pushing customers away?

Striking the right balance between assertiveness and aggressiveness is vital. Focus on consultative selling, which involves understanding your customer's needs and offering tailored solutions. Listen actively and ask open-ended questions to engage in a meaningful conversation. Avoid high-pressure tactics and instead aim for a collaborative approach, where both you and the customer feel like partners working towards a solution.

How can I measure the effectiveness of my sales efforts?

Measuring the effectiveness of your selling efforts is essential for continuous improvement. You can track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, average deal size and customer acquisition cost. Analyze sales data to identify trends and areas for improvement. Customer feedback and satisfaction surveys can also provide valuable insights into your selling performance. Regularly assess these metrics to make data-driven decisions and refine your selling strategy.

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