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Turning Hot Ideas Into Money

You’ve Got A Million Dollar Idea … Now What?

How do you figure out if your great business idea will be worthwhile pursing – or not?

By following the research-based methods in my very comprehensive ebook, written especially to help you calculate whether or not your great idea can become a successful business, and how to make that happen.

This guide teaches you how to easily start a new business from scratch using the analogy of setting up and playing a ball game like … golf, tennis, soccer, rugby, hockey, American football, baseball, squash … whatever ball game you can relate to. Go ahead … use your imagination and let’s go and play your game and have fun doing so!

In this eBook You’ll Discover …

  • How to assess if your idea is viable for a successful business
  • Different ways to fund your idea
  • And much, much more

If Your Idea Is Viable, You’ll Learn …

  • How to setup a business
  • The pitfalls to expect
  • How to market your Idea

Time and time again, the same mistakes are being made which could easily have been avoided if the simple basic ground rules had been applied in the first place.

Very often by the time help is sought, the small business is in serious trouble. The owner is running around like a headless chicken trying to keep the business afloat …. or the bank is about to repossess the owner’s hard earned assets … or the family is about to experience a major upheaval in its comfortable way of life! Does this sound familiar to you?  Have you seen this happen to any of your family or friends?

Starting a viable business will NOT make you millions overnight but it CAN over time; or at least make a comfortable living, with some work.

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Here’s to your success with your Hot Idea.

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