Avoid Financial Disaster by Validating Your Business Idea First! 

Learn to be able to validate your ‘fantastic’ idea . . . even if you have limited digital literacy skills!

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Do you want to avoid wasting time and money on ventures that have no chance of success?

I started a business with a really good idea that no one else was doing . . . Now I’m broke!

This was the comment from one of my clients who wanted my help to turn their business around – but it was too late!  Can you relate to this?

You know you want to start up a business or create a new product or service. But . . . you aren’t sure if you have the right idea. What if you go down the path of creating some product or service, then find out that no one wants it? What if you spend all the last resources of your precious time and money, only to find you’re going down a blind alley?


Proactive Validation: Why Validating Your Idea Is Key to Business Success

Don’t start a business that no one is interested in. Don’t create a product or service no one wants to buy. The marketplace is littered with small business failures with people going broke.  IF ONLY . . . they had taken some time, at no cost, to research an idea beforehand.

Mastering Idea Validation Online

Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace a strategic approach to systematically take you through the steps to validate your idea with this transformative online course.

Mastering Idea Validation is an online course specifically designed to address the challenges of uncertainty and risk in the early stages of business idea development. This course empowers aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with the essential knowledge to determine the potential success of their idea before investing significant time and resources. Through step-by-step videos, participants will use proven techniques to assess market demand, identify target audiences, analyze competition and refine their value propositions. By completing this course, aspiring entrepreneurs will gain the confidence and skills needed to make informed decisions, minimize risk and increase their chances of launching a successful venture.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll

The Internet has made it extremely easy to carry out market research for validating an idea to start a business or create a new product or service. This course gives you immediate access to 8 easy steps to follow at your own pace . . .  using live video screenshots with audio. You will identify the need, the interest, the buyers and the competition for the viability of your idea. 

You’ll Minimize Financial Risk

Assessing your concept’s market viability and potential demand upfront, reduces the risk of pouring resources into an idea that may not have a receptive audience, saving you from potential financial losses.

You’ll Identify Market Opportunities and Competition

Understanding the competitive landscape and identifying market gaps or opportunities, gains insights into your target audience, their preferences, and the competitive offerings available.

You’ll Gain Strategic Decision-Making

Valuable insights and data Identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to your idea, enables you to make informed decisions and adjust your approach as needed.

You’ll Attract Investors and Partners

Increase your credibility and enhance your chances of securing funding or partnerships, as stakeholders are more likely to support ideas that have been validated and show potential for success.

Here’s what people say about validating an idea BEFORE investing

These testimonials highlight the positive experiences and outcomes that individuals have achieved by validating their business ideas before making substantial investments. They emphasize the importance of market research, customer feedback and the impact validation has had on their success as entrepreneurs.

A Game-Changer

Validating my business idea before investing was a game-changer. By conducting market research and gathering feedback from potential customers, I discovered crucial insights that shaped my product offering. As a result, I was able to make necessary adjustments and launch with confidence. The validation process saved me from investing in a concept that would have struggled to gain traction in the market. I am now running a successful business thanks to the early validation.


Founder of an e-commerce startup

shaped my business strategy

Validating my business idea was a crucial step in my entrepreneurial journey. It helped me identify potential pitfalls and challenges early on, allowing me to make informed decisions. By reaching out to my target audience and analyzing market trends, I gained valuable insights that shaped my business strategy. The validation process saved me from pursuing an idea that lacked market demand and gave me the confidence to invest in a concept with higher potential for success. I highly recommend validating your business idea before taking the plunge.


Small business owner and Founder of a consulting firm

a customer-centric brand from the start

I cannot stress the significance of idea validation enough. By conducting surveys, interviews, and competitor analysis, I gained a deep understanding of my target market and competition. This helped me fine-tune my product features, pricing, and marketing strategy. Validating my business idea not only saved me from wasting resources on an unviable concept but also allowed me to build a customer-centric brand from the start. The process was invaluable in ensuring the success and longevity of my business.


Entrepreneur and Founder of a tech startup

Tell me more about this course . . .

Instead of creating confusion, you’ll like the clarity of this course.This course is designed to get you going, and keep you going. These techniques are the very same methods I’ve used for the past 27 years. Which means that they’ve been tried and tested, and tried and tested, and yes, tried and tested. And they work magnificently well.   There are 8 video lessons (from 2.35 minutes to 7.38 minutes long) where you will learn step-by-step how to validate your idea. These lessons include . . .


Lesson 1: Unlocking the Power of Keyword Research

Keyword research assesses market demand, interest, competition and buyers for evaluating the viability of a business idea or creating a new product or service.


Lesson 2: How to Conduct Effective Idea Research on Amazon

Amazon allows you to search for products that are similar to your idea, get a sense of the level of competition in the market and the types of products that are currently available.


Lesson 3: Unleashing the Power of Online Forums

Identify emerging trends and topics of interest in your potential target market and an opportunity to engage and gather feedback on your idea.


Lesson 4: Finding Gold on YouTube: The Art of Effective Idea Research

Studying successful YouTube channels within your niche is another effective market research strategy. Analyzing their most viewed and popular videos provides valuable insights into your specific area of interest.


Lesson 5: Uncovering Hidden Opportunities: Idea Research with Google Trends

By mastering the art of Google Trends, you can uncover a wealth of information, emerging trends, gaps in the market, identify seasonal patterns and gain a deeper understanding of audience interests and preferences.


Lesson 6: Navigating the Social Media Landscape: Strategies for Effective Idea Research

Social media has become a treasure trove of information and inspiration, making it a prime source for idea research. Tracking popular trends and hashtags provides a real-time pulse of what people are discussing and interested in.


Lesson 7: From Insights to Innovation: Effective Idea Research on Competitors

By analyzing competitors’ successful initiatives, you can gain inspiration for your own unique ideas and approaches. Additionally, understanding their shortcomings can help you identify areas where you can offer superior products, services or experiences, differentiating yourself in the marketplace.


Lesson 8: Spying on Success: How to Conduct Effective Idea Research on Competitors’ Websites

A competitor’s website has a wealth of information. By exploring competitors’ websites, you can gain insights into their product offerings, pricing, user experience and identify areas for improvement.

What this course is NOT about . . .

It’s important to understand that entrepreneurial endeavors come with inherent risks and uncertainties. While mitigating these factors can increase the likelihood of success, there are no foolproof guarantees. Entrepreneurs must remain adaptable, resilient and proactive in addressing challenges as they arise.

It’s NOT a ‘Start Up’ Course

You’re not going to learn how to set up a business or create a product or service. What you’re going to learn is how to take the guesswork out of validating an idea BEFORE wasting valuable resources.

It’s NOT a ‘Marketing’ or ‘Selling’ Course

You’re not going to learn how to market or sell your product or service. What you’re going to learn is how your competitors are marketing and selling their similar products and services.

It’s NOT a ‘Funding Your Business’ course

You’re not going to learn how to fund your business, product or service. What you’re going to learn is your chances of securing funding with a validated idea.

It’s NOT a Guarantee for a successful outcome course

Once you’ve validated your idea, there are many factors influencing a successful outcome. Such as insufficient funding, economic downturns, shifts in consumer preferences, intense competition, lack of skills, ineffective management, operational inefficiencies, flawed marketing and sales strategies, legal and regulatory changes, geopolitical events, or unforeseen disruptions (e.g. pandemics, natural disasters) . . . just to name a few. 


Now it’s time to introduce your Bonuses!

Dive into a collection of valuable tips, actionable advice and in-depth guidance on various aspects of business, from idea validation to marketing, funding and more designed to enhance your learning experience and provide you with additional valuable insights. 

Bonus 1

Your Ultimate Podcast for Market Research Strategies

This interview with Claire Gatonby, renowned expert and owner of Research House, is a must-listen for anyone seeking to master the art of market research. Claire shares her extensive knowledge and experience, guiding listeners through a comprehensive exploration of market research strategies. From understanding target audiences and analyzing consumer behaviour to conducting effective surveys and extracting valuable insights, she offers practical tips and real-world examples to help listeners harness the power of data-driven decision-making. As an aspiring business owner, this podcast provides invaluable guidance on leveraging market research to gain a competitive edge and drive business growth.

Join Claire on this insightful journey and unlock the secrets to success through strategic market research.

Bonus 2
From Idea to Reality: Criteria for a Smooth Business Setup Process

In this exclusive email series, I will guide you through the essential criteria to consider when setting up your business. Each email will cover key aspects that contribute to a solid foundation, ensuring a successful launch and long-term growth. From finding funding, legal considerations to defining your target market, crafting a compelling brand, and developing effective marketing strategies, providing you with valuable insights and practical advice. By the end of this series, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the criteria necessary to establish a thriving business that stands out in the market. Get ready to lay the groundwork for your entrepreneurial journey and set yourself up for success!

Bonus 3
Instructor’s Perspective on Participant’s Validation Results

After completing all the lessons, you’ll receive a thorough review of your final results and gain valuable insights into the success of your validated idea. Armed with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the validation process, Fran will provide a comprehensive analysis of your idea’s potential, its market fit and the opportunities that lie ahead. Drawing on years of experience, Fran’s expert analysis will shed light on the strengths, weaknesses and untapped potential of your validated idea, empowering you to make informed decisions and take confident steps toward turning it into a thriving venture. Get ready to unlock new perspectives and fuel your entrepreneurial journey with Fran’s invaluable insights into your validation outcome.

About the Course Instructor,Fran Piggott

Fran’s success as a business owner, marketing tactician and sales executive spans 49 years. She has founded 4 successful companies and has extensive experience in corporate new business development, marketing and selling. She has also had great success assisting business owners and sales teams to regularly achieve their personal goals and sales targets.

During her corporate career, she developed her own tools and techniques to achieve her targets consistently, and as easily as possible. In her online courses, she’ll teach you the easiest and quickest ways to apply her proven techniques and strategies to help you consistently achieve your goals.

Fran PiggottFran Piggott

Here’s what people are saying about Fran, the course instructor

Bronwyn Bath

Bronwyn Bath

Graphics Designer

Fran puts your feet on the ground with honesty, expertise and passion

I had a great, creative concept but needed focus. Fran put my feet on the ground and with her honesty, expertise and passion for what she does, she helped channel my ideas and create focus.

Michael Dickerson

Michael Dickerson

Area Manager

Fran is knowledgeable and generous in imparting her knowledge

“Fran’s biggest asset is that she speaks from experience as she has been there and done it, she is not just talking from a text book. I highly recommend her services.”

Cheryl Kirsten

Cheryl Kirsten

Marketing & Media Communication

Fran is a forward thinker who genuinely cares about people’s progress

“Fran is an expert in her field of sales and marketing strategy. A dynamic and inspiring business mentor. Fran is a straight-talker of high integrity, who wants to see her clients and colleagues succeed in business. Her advice is practical and effective..”

If You’re Really Serious About Starting a Business or Creating a New Product Successfully . . . You’ll Need to Validate your Idea

Everything Fran shares is tested and proven in the real world AND works. Working with you, step-by-step, with practical “how to” videos and easy actions to implement at your own pace.

Fran’s simple, proven, step-by-step methods will help you

avoid investing a significant amount of money, time, effort and resources into a business idea that may not have a viable market or customer base. This minimizes the financial risks associated with starting a business or creating a new product or service.

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Now It’s Your Turn . . . You Can Do This!

The starting point to every business is to pick the right idea. But how do you know if you’ve made the right decision? An idea – a validated idea -is precisely what’s needed to get a business off the ground.


It’s now time to put as much of your knowledge, experience and expertise to good use by validating your ‘hot’ idea, create your product or service, then sharing it in the marketplace.

I look forward to helping you achieve the outcome you deserve.


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