You Can Say Goodbye to Cashflow Worries . . .If You Follow This Simple Formula

How to be able to achieve financial freedom using a sales target setting formula and reverse engineering techniques . . . even if you have no financial experience!

Does Negative Cashflow Harass Your Waking Moments?

Negative cashflow is often a constant worry for a business owner. At the start of every month, before any orders are placed, many operating expenses have to be paid.

Using an overdraft from the bank becomes an additional expense.

Collecting outstanding payments from delinquent payers, causes further frustration. 

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve been looking for proven ways to create positive cashflow, is it?

If you’re nodding your head at some or all of this, you’ve come to the right place.

When you start setting your “targets”, make sure you focus 99% of your effort on the actions you’re going to take on a daily basis. Action is what produces results. If you are determined to go for what you want, there’s no time like RIGHT NOW. 

Also, take some time before you set your targets to think on where you are in your business and where you want to go.

And it doesn’t matter if you feel like you don’t yet have what you need. You DO! Maximize your existing resources of time, knowledge, energy and motivation . . .  and you’ll be SHOCKED at how far you get and how fast you get there.

All You Need Is . . . to Apply a Simple FormulaWhen Setting Your Sales Targets!

Usually, most business owners set their sales targets by dividing their Annual Operating Expenses by 365 days for the year. In reality, without using the formula, they are significantly well below what is required and consequently, have a consistent negative cashflow!

This online course shows you how to use a formula to accurately calculate the necessary monthly sales targets to remain in business. You’ll also learn how to calculate a ‘Lifestyle’ sales target to make the money you would like to earn for your financial freedom. And, then, allocate the products and services to sell, to help you go beyond achieving your required sales targets. And of course, whenever you set targets, you need to measure and monitor the results. In this way, you’ll be shown how to tweak the process to adapt to changes in the marketplace ensuring the outcome arrives at what you want.

The Assumptions for This Course are . . .

you’re English speaking.

you have a business with operating expenses.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll . . .

 After enrolling in this online course, you’ll be sent your login details via email, to access the course. 

You’ll have lifetime access, available 24/7, on any device – desktop, notebook or mobile phone & a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to you, after completing the course.

In addition to the step-by-step videos illustrating every step of the process, you will receive ….. 

  • Transcripts of each lesson.
  • Audio of each lesson.
  • Formulated Worksheets.
  •  Homework – Action Guides to complete. 
  •  Quizzes – to measure your progress. 
  • Your Questions can be asked in the comments section in each lesson and they’ll be answered by Fran personally.

You can begin whenever you’re ready, and you can go through the lessons sequentially, at whatever pace suits you best.

And You’ll Also Get . . .

Improved Cashflow

You’ll experience peace of mind, knowing that your sales targets are accurate and realistically set.

Focus & Direction

If you know where you’re going, you will get there with very little panic and less stress.

Here’s What People are Saying About the Course Instructor

Michael Dickerson

Michael Dickerson

Area Manager

Speaks from Experience

” I attended one of Fran’s workshops and found huge value in what she exposed us to. Fran’s biggest asset is that she speaks from experience as she has been there and done it, she is not just talking from a text book. I highly recommend her services.”

Ann Druce

Ann Druce

Digital Marketing Strategist

Focuses on Core Issues

“Fran Piggott is not only knowledgeable and generous in imparting her knowledge, she also inspires her clients to break through plateaux in their existing businesses by focusing on the core issues that drive the business. “

Andries Koen

Andries Koen

Labour Consultant

Passionate, Dedicated, Knowledgeable

“Fran is a person that is passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable about anything relating to marketing and sales. Fran has the experience and expertise any business in the sales environment cannot do without.”

Course Content

This course is divided into two sections: Section 1 : Sales Targets  and Section 2 : Sales Teams

Section 1: Sales Targets

Lesson 1:   Calculating Monthly Sales Targets

2 lessons:

You’ll learn how to calculate the ‘Must Achieve’ sales target to continue to stay in business and achieve your objectives. 

You will use a proven formula to calculate sales targets accurately.

Lesson 2:   Setting Lifestyle Targets with Examples

2 lessons:

You’ll learn how to calculate the ‘Lifestyle’ sales target to make the money you would like to earn for the lifestyle you want to live. 

Lesson 3:   Allocating Products to Sales Targets

2 lessons:

Allocating products to sell to help you go beyond achieving your required sales targets.

Lesson 4:   Monitoring Sales Targets Progress

2 lessons:

Whenever you set targets, you need to measure and monitor the results. In this way, you can tweak the process to adapt to changes in the marketplace ensuring the outcome arrives at what you want.

Section 2: Sales Teams

Lesson 1:   Setting Sales Teams Targets

3 lessons:

Sales people are all different. It’s, therefore, only fair to set their targets differently too. Some sales people will excel and reach their sales targets quickly and others will take a longer time but will eventually achieve their expected results. 

Lesson 2:   Sales Teams Motivation

3 lessons:

Sales people need to be motivated to achieve their sales targets. Drive their sales by incentivizing them with worthwhile prizes. 

Lesson 3:   Implementing Sales Teams Incentives

3 lessons:

After setting your sales teams incentives, they need to be fairly implemented. 


How Can Fran Help You?


Fran’s personal guarantee that continued implementation of her formula will ensure you start achieving results.

taking action

Continually moving you forward to achieve the outcome you want.


Fran’s ongoing support is your lifeline for advice, motivation, or as a sounding board whenever you need it.

About The Course Instructor, Fran Piggott

Fran’s success as a business owner, marketing tactician and sales executive spans 49 years. She has founded 4 successful companies and has extensive experience in corporate new business development, selling and marketing. She has also had great success assisting sales teams and business owners to regularly achieve their sales targets and personal goals.

During her corporate career, she developed her own tools and techniques to achieve her sales targets consistently, and as easily as possible. In her online courses, she’ll teach you the easiest and quickest ways to apply her proven techniques and strategies to help you consistently achieve your goals.

Fran PiggottFran Piggott

Isn’t It Time You Set Your Sales Targets Accurately?

Everything Fran shares is tested and proven in the real world & works. Working with you, step-by-step, with practical “how to” videos and easy actions to implement at your own pace.

If all this course did was give you the financial freedom you want, would it be worth it?

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I have found a marketing and sales career to be most rewarding in every way. I don’t have any degrees and yet I’ve been fortunately most successful. I’ve never stopped learning, and never hesitated to invest in myself to further my career. As long as you like challenges … you can own a profitable and sustainable business giving you the financial freedom you want.


It’s now time to put as much of my knowledge, experience and expertise to good use by sharing it with those who want to learn not only from my successes, but also my mistakes.

I look forward to helping you achieve the outcome you deserve.

Fran Piggott

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