Hi Jason

Making the changes to take control of the Womens Golf Stuff website.

These fall into three areas – management, technical and financial.

1. Management

  • Create email addresses for all the emails that are in use at this domain.
  • Change the code for any free statistics such as Google Analytics.
  • Change the details in the legal pages and contact form/contact us page.

2. Technical – This website is currently being hosted by Hostgator.

  • If it’s a dedicated server, you may have to set a service plan, allocate space and resources, create users etc.
  • You may need to modify file or folder permissions: CHMOD
  • You may need to edit files that access the database
  • You may need to double check what’s in the htaccess file to ensure it does what you expect it to do
  • You need to double-check all forms, feedback and comment functions to verify the destination
  • You may need to setup cron jobs
  • You may need to install scripts
  • You may need to edit conf files
  • Use Google Webmaster Tools and carefully go through all the options. There may be unseen problems on the old site that you can now rectify on the new server.

3. Financial

  • AdSense or other affiliate codes need to be changed to your own publisher ID/account number.
  • Affiliate links need to be changed. By clicking on each link, you’ll be able to view the product / service seller. No doubt you’ll want to use others.

I’m making this website transfer as effortless as possible for you. Below is the button to pay for the website via my PayPal account.

Once you’ve paid, you will be redirected to a web page with instructions to begin transferring the website as easily and as quickly as possible.

If you have any problems in the payment process, please let me know via email: franp0323@gmail.com



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