Attract, Acquire, Grow and Keep Customers
Because In A Nutshell …
NO Planning or NO Strategy = NO Sales = NO Customers
= NO Business!

It goes without saying that your business growth and sustainability will depend on your sales performance.

Did you know that in successful companies in any industry and in any location around the world, 60% of their sales come from their existing customers, 30% from referral or word-of-mouth and only 10% from new customers?

Marketing, Selling and Retaining Customers is the core part of your business …. with ….

  • Marketing = planning / strategy to attract and grow customers
  • Selling = acquiring orders and new customers
  • Retaining Customers = keeping your customers

This is an integral partnership, you can't have one without the others.

As a small business owner, every time you review your financial results, I can guarantee that the first thing you do, is look at your profit … then wonder why this figure doesn’t match your bank balance! One of the main reasons for this is … orders could have been invoiced but not yet paid for.

But besides collecting payment from your debtors, what do you do with the rest of the information to grow your business?

You are sitting on a goldmine which you need to mine by gathering your unique marketing intelligence from within these financial results, such as …

  • Are you on track for achieving your end of year financial goal?
  • Who are your profitable customers giving you 80% of your revenue?
  • Which of your products are most profitable and popular? Which products should you ditch?
  • Is your business balanced … i.e. not having all your eggs in one basket … with only one or two customers or products generating most of your revenue?
  • Which are your most profitable industries and locations?
  • Are your customers’ buying patterns changing … increasing or decreasing?
  • and much, much more!

With this powerful information at hand, you can develop marketing strategies to not only achieve your targets more easily, but with clear focus and direction, grow your business exponentially.

Businesses need to keep growing profitably and it’s my challenge to take my clients to where they want to be, as fast as possible.

By using your financial data, I’m able to analyze this information, then provide you with a clear marketing strategy to increase your sales profitably and quickly.

And here’s your bonus … after my intervention, the majority of my clients end up paying tax because they become profitable. Consequently, my cost to company has been for free!

If you are serious about building a profitable and sustainable business and would like some help ….. take action now and contact Fran who can help you.

The world has become a global village and with the latest Internet tools, like Skype, Fran can easily guide you through the processes you need to carry out from a distance to make your business profitable.

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"Fran's knowledge is expansive when it comes to marketing business in ANY market. If you're lucky enough to have Fran's as a mentor, then hold onto her with all your might!"

-- Gordon Reid
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